Courgette Magnificent Mix


A magicifent mix of all of our courgettes, specially selected for taste, versatility and variety

Courgette Magnificent Mix Information

  • Your plants will arrive in a 65mm plug and will have at least one true leaf

  • Number of vegetable plant plugs in the box: 5
  • Latin name for Courgette Magnificent Mix: Cucurbita pepo

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Our beautiful Courgette Magnificent Mix selection will include five different courgette plants all ready to go straight into the ground. There are so many great varieties of courgette that we wanted to give you the option to try them all! Yellow and white striped, dark green, round, pale green and white or all golden yellow; with our Magnificent Mix you will discover a truly versatile vegetable. Our top tip is that you cut yellow courgette into thin rounds and eat it raw and crisp in a salad – it’s one of our favourites for lunch in the Propagation Place garden!

What to do when your plants arrive

  1. Unpack them. Your seedlings will arrive carefully packed in bio-degradable straw, cardboard and paper. They may look a little bit bedraggled from their journey. Don’t panic – this is totally normal and they should soon perk up. Please try and unpack your plants as soon as they arrive, as every extra hour they spend in the box will add to the stress of travelling to their new home.
  2. Give them a drink. Having spent a day or two in the post, your new plants will be thirsty! Stand them up in some fresh water for a few minutes to make sure their roots have been thoroughly soaked before planting.
  3. Plant them out into their forever home! Your plants can’t wait to get their roots into the soil. Plant them out according to the instructions that will have come in the box with them. Make sure you water them in well, and give them plenty to drink until their roots have had a chance to get settled.


As you well know, plants are unpredictable creatures and so is the British weather. As such, we reserve the right to substitute items in your order for an equivalent variety. To find out more about substitutions, please take a look at our terms and conditions.


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Terms and Conditions

Please click here for further information including returns and refunds.

Planning your site

Before planting out your courgettes, make planting pockets around a meter apart. Do this by making a hole about a spade’s depth and width and fill it with a mixture of compost or well-rotted manure and soil. You need to pick a sunny spot which is protected from strong winds as courgettes can get blown around. Courgette plants take up a fair amount of space, much bigger than you think looking at your tidy little plants. The leaves can be very large and will shade out anything growing nearby so take this into account when planning your space.  You could plant some lettuces in between for a quick salad crop before the courgettes fill the space, or beans or sweetcorn work well as they grow tall and don’t shade out the courgettes. This layering technique is called the Three sisters – it’s a tradition Native American growing system that utilises space, light, and harvesting times.

Growing tips

Courgettes are hungry, thirsty plants and will benefit from a rich soil. Sprinkle some seaweed / poultry manure pellets a metre around the planting hole. When you water, try not to get water on the leaves. One tip is to sink a 15cm pot alongside the plants when planting out. If you water into the pot, it will help ensure that water goes right down to the roots and doesn’t sit around the neck of the plant, which can lead to rotting. We remmomend a feed every 10-14 days, with a high potash liquid fertiliser once the first fruits start to swell.

What to watch out for

Slugs can sometimes be a problem, we like putting sheep’s wool around the base of the plants as the slugs and snails don’t like crawling over it. You can buy wool pellets from garden centres.
If you see a white dusty deposit on the leaves this could be powdery mildew. Powdery mildew is a type of fungus and is easily treating organically by spraying water and milk onto the affected areas. Mix 1 part milk to 3 parts water and spray liberally. It should clear up really quickly!


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