Soil Workshop

The soil is one of our most precious and valuable resources and looking after our soil whether in a garden, allotment plot, or farmland is of the utmost importance.

St Werburghs City Farm and Propagation Place are incredibly excited to host this soil health workshop, inviting soil health educator Joel Williams to cover:

Soils Alive – An introduction to the universe under your feet!
Mulching & Mycorrhiza
Managing soil biology with composting & compost extracts
Plant nutrition – roles of essential nutrients in plant development
Say goodbye to pests and disease using Teas n’ Feeds
Spotting nutrient deficiencies in the garden

Joel Williams is an independent plant and soil health educator providing lectures, workshops, and consultations on soil management, plant nutrition, and integrated approaches to sustainable food production.

He has a particular interest in designing farming systems that focus on managing soil biology along with crop & soil nutrition to optimise plant immunity and soil function. Joel has extensive practical experience in Australia, UK and Canada integrating soil and plant analyses as a joined-up strategy for managing production. He’s got a passion for teaching and sharing both scientific and practical knowledge on agro-ecological growing practices.



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Soil Workshop