Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are your plants organic?

    Propagation Place is not Organically Certified although we do follow organic principles for growing. Not all of our seed stock is organic in origin although many varieties are. Once the seeds arrive at Propagation Place they are sown into Soil Association approved peat-free compost and if they need to be potted on, this is also done into Soil Association approved peat-free compost. We do not use any persistent chemical sprays in our Community Garden and we follow the 4 Organic Principles:

    • Principle of Health. Healthy soil, plants, animals, humans = a healthy planet.
    • Principle of Ecology. Emulating and sustaining natural systems.
    • Principle of Fairness. Equity, respect and justice for all living things.
    • Principle of Care. For the generations to come.
  • What pesticides do you use?

    We don’t rely on pesticides for growing our plants! We use a system of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to produce a rich and abundant growing environment which prioritises the biodiversity of insect and microorganic life and healthy soil as paramount to maintaining an all round sustainable system.

    As part of this system, we keep a good eye on the populations of the little critters that frequent our garden and tolerate them to a certain point. When an insect such as whitefly or aphid reach a persistent population level which becomes dangerous for our seedlings, we may use a natural, organically certified pesticide called Pyrethrum. This is derived from Chrysanthemum plants which works by contact, leaving no harmful residue on our plants.

    Some ‘pests’ such as vine weevil very quickly destroy plants by eating their roots, so to manage these populations we may use biological agents such as nematodes which prey on vine weevil and keep the population in check. We may use Potassium bicarbonate for the treatment of the fungal disease powdery mildew. We may also use Diatomaceous earth as an insecticide. All of the above treatments are certified for use in Organic systems.

  • Do Propagation Place plants contain GMOs?

    No. Though the seeds we buy from our suppliers are produced using the latest breeding techniques, none are genetically modified or derived from genetically modified parent material. Due to the free movement of pollen it is not possible for open pollinated crops to be guaranteed to be free from the presence of adventitious GM material. However, our seed suppliers work closely with breeders, suppliers and the relevant Government bodies to ensure that any such risks are minimised.

  • How long will it take for my plants to arrive?

    This will depend on when you place your order, and also upon the weather! It often takes a few weeks to send orders out, especially if we are waiting on a variety to be ready, so the timings really do vary – we want your plants to arrive in the best condition!

    We start sending out Spring plants in the first week of April. Before April, plants will be available to order online, however this will be delivered to you from April onwards and in the correct season.

    Our shipping seasons:

    • Spring orders from the beginning of April – end of May
    • Summer from the beginning of June – to mid-July
    • Autumn/Winter from the end of July – beginning of October

    Norah places an order containing the following items: a Spring Garden in a Box – Spring Delivery, a Summer Garden in a Box – Summer Delivery and an Autumn Garden in a Box – Autumn Delivery. The Spring Garden in a Box will usually be sent out within two-three weeks from the spring delivery season starting, the Summer Garden in a Box will be sent out within two-three weeks of the summer season starting, and the Autumn Garden in a Box will be sent out within two-three weeks of the Autumn season starting. (Please be aware that we aim to deliver all orders for the current season within two-three weeks of ordering but orders may take longer than 3 weeks when we are very busy. We will endeavour to get your plants to you as quickly as we possibly can and we are very grateful to you for your patience).

    We will send you an email when your order has been dispatched or when it is time to book a collection slot for local pickup.

  • I have chosen ‘local pickup’ for my order. How will I know when to come and collect it?

    We will send you an email with a link to book a collection slot. Don’t worry, if you haven’t received it yet we haven’t forgotten about you and it should be with you soon! If you are concerned please email us at [email protected]

  • What do I do when my plants arrive?

    Unpack them. Your seedlings will arrive carefully packed in bio-degradable straw, cardboard and paper. They may look a little bit bedraggled from their journey. Don’t panic – this is totally normal and they should soon perk up. Please try and unpack your plants as soon as they arrive, as every extra hour they spend in the box will add to the stress of travelling to their new home.

    Give them a drink. Having spent a day or two in the post, your new plants will be thirsty! Stand them up in some fresh water for a few minutes to make sure their roots have been thoroughly soaked before planting.

    Plant them out into their forever home! Your plants can’t wait to get their roots into the soil. Plant them out according to the instructions that will have come in the box with them. Make sure you water them in well, and give them plenty to drink until their roots have had a chance to get settled.

  • What happens if you no longer have a product that I have ordered?

    As you well know, plants are unpredictable creatures and so is the British weather. As such, we reserve the right to substitute items in your order for an equivalent variety. To find out more about substitutions, please take a look at our terms and conditions.

  • What are your delivery costs?

    We charge a flat shipping fee of £6.99 per shipping season to all UK locations. For example if you order ‘Spring’ items only, you will be charged £6.99, if you order a mixture of ‘Spring’ and ‘Summer’ items you will be charged £13.98 etc. Local pickup from BS29YJ is free. We do not ship outside of the UK.

  • How can I leave a review?

    We really appreciate reviews – it supports our community business and in turn helps to fund our many projects at St Werburghs City Farm, and keep our volunteers busy with learning opportunities. We prefer to use Trustpilot as it is a verified site that is resistant to fake feedback.

    If you are having difficulties with your order or service then we would really love to do our best to resolve it for you. Email us at [email protected] and we will try our best to rectify your problem.

    If you would like to leave an honest review, please do so here.

If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, please email us at [email protected] or visit our contact page.