Summer Garden in a Box – Large


If you’ve got a bit more space and have well and truly got the gardening bug.

Summer Garden in a Box – Large Information

  • Your Garden In a Box will arrive carefully packed in biodegradable packaging, to keep them safe on their journey to their new home.

  • Number of vegetable plant plugs in the box: 120

If you’ve got a bit more space and have well and truly got the gardening bug, then our large Summer Garden in a Box is the one for you. What could be better than pottering in the garden on a warm summer’s day, and then relaxing in the evening with a plate full of delicious, healthy vegetables all grown in your own garden? We’ve carefully selected the very best varieties for summer growing, making sure you’ve got everything you need for summer planting from juicy tomatoes and spicy peppers to oh-so-sweetcorn and fabulous squashes and pumpkins. Your kitchen table will be a riot of colour and amazing flavours and every summer salad will be bursting full of health and vitality. Your large Summer Garden In a Box can be planted out in containers, window boxes, raised beds or vegetable gardens and will contain at least 120 plants. Delivery is from from May to early July, as soon as your baby plants are big enough to travel (this is somewhat dependant on the weather). It will come with loads of handy growing tips and gardening advice to make sure your garden is a thriving success.

Space required: approx 20m2

Things you may find in your box:

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Your Kitchen Garden pack will include a variety of plants specially selected to grow according to the season. Specific details about planting out, growing and the things you will want to look out for will be mailed to you along with your order.

What to do when your plants arrive

  1. Unpack them. Your seedlings will arrive carefully packed in bio-degradable straw, cardboard and paper. They may look a little bit bedraggled from their journey. Don’t panic – this is totally normal and they should soon perk up. Please try and unpack your plants as soon as they arrive, as every extra hour they spend in the box will add to the stress of travelling to their new home.
  2. Give them a drink. Having spent a day or two in the post, your new plants will be thirsty! Stand them up in some fresh water for a few minutes to make sure their roots have been thoroughly soaked before planting.
  3. Plant them out into their forever home! Your plants can’t wait to get their roots into the soil. Plant them out according to the instructions that will have come in the box with them. Make sure you water them in well, and give them plenty to drink until their roots have had a chance to get settled.


As you well know, plants are unpredictable creatures and so is the British weather. As such, we reserve the right to substitute items in your order for an equivalent variety. To find out more about substitutions, please take a look at our terms and conditions.


We charge a flat shipping fee of £6.99 per shipping season. If you order everything from one season ie Spring you will be charged once, if you order Spring and Summer you will be charged twice etc. We do not ship outside of the UK.

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