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  • Perhaps more familiar to you as something you'd scrub your back with in the shower.

    Your plants will arrive in a 65mm plug and will have at least one true leaf. Sales end 23rd June.

  • Number of vegetable plant plugs in the box: 1
  • Latin name for Squash (Winter) Luffa: Luffa aegyptiaca

Are you ready to add a unique and fascinating element to your garden while exploring a world of culinary possibilities? Look no further than our Luffa Squash Plug Plants. These remarkable plants not only bring a touch of exotic beauty to your garden but also offer a surprising culinary journey you won’t want to miss. Here’s why you should make room for Luffa Squash in your garden and your kitchen:

Growing Luffa Squash: A Green Thumb’s Dream

Cultivating Luffa Squash Plug Plants is a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced gardeners. Here’s how to grow these delightful plants:

  1. Choose a Sunny Spot: Plant your Luffa Squash in a sunny area with well-drained soil to ensure healthy growth.
  2. Space Smartly: Provide ample space between plants, as these vines can be prolific growers, and they need room to thrive.
  3. Water Adequately: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during hot and dry periods, to support vigorous growth.
  4. Support the Vines: As your Luffa Squash plants grow, provide trellises or garden netting to help them climb, ensuring they reach their full potential.

Harvesting the Hidden Treasures:

The true wonder of Luffa Squash lies beneath the vibrant green exterior. Once mature, the luffa sponge can be harvested and used in a variety of ways.

Culinary Creativity:

Luffa squash adds a unique twist to your dishes, and it’s incredibly versatile. Here are a couple of dishes to try:

  1. Luffa Stir-Fry: Slice the young, tender luffa into thin rounds or julienne strips. Stir-fry with your favourite vegetables, garlic, and a savoury sauce for a delicious and crunchy side dish.
  2. Luffa Soup: Add sliced luffa to a flavourful broth, complemented with your choice of protein, herbs, and spices. This soothing soup is a healthy and comforting option.

Sustainable Sensation:

Luffa squash is not only a culinary delight but also a sustainable choice. The mature luffa sponges, which can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or for cleaning, make it a valuable addition to your household.

Our Luffa Squash Plug Plants offer a unique gardening and culinary experience. Order now and embark on a journey of garden-to-table sustainability, transforming your garden into a lush paradise and adding an exotic touch to your home-cooked meals!

Winter Squashes planting schedule

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Luffas like full sun and a well-drained but moist soil, enriched with plenty of compost or well-rotted manure. They are grown like a winter squash, and would benefit from growing high as their vigorous vines need lots of room to roam or a sturdy trellis to clamber over.

Growing tips

You can grow luffas in a container but choose one that is large enough to accommodate the root ball of this sizeable plant. The plants are robust climbers and happily scramble up or across a strong support like a chain link fence, trellis, arbor, garden arch, tunnel, or other structures.

The Cucurbit family are quite resource hungry! They like lots of space (up to 1.5 metres if possible), lots of water and lots of organic matter when you plant them out. Having said that, they are surprisingly resilient and can tolerate a fair amount of neglect. You will be rewarded however, if you give them some TLC and generally keep an eye on them.

What to watch out for

Powdery Mildew, which appears as a white powdery deposit over the leaf surface and leaves. Cucumber mosaic virus which shows as a distinctive yellow mosaic patterning and Whitefly.

What to do when your plants arrive

  1. Unpack them. Your seedlings will arrive carefully packed in bio-degradable straw, cardboard and paper. They may look a little bit bedraggled from their journey. Don’t panic – this is totally normal and they should soon perk up. Please try and unpack your plants as soon as they arrive, as every extra hour they spend in the box will add to the stress of travelling to their new home.
  2. Give them a drink. Having spent a day or two in the post, your new plants will be thirsty! Stand them up in some fresh water for a few minutes to make sure their roots have been thoroughly soaked before planting.
  3. Plant them out into their forever home! Your plants can’t wait to get their roots into the soil. Plant them out according to the instructions that will have come in the box with them. Make sure you water them in well, and give them plenty to drink until their roots have had a chance to get settled.


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