Tomato – Tumbling Tom


Tumbling Tom is perfect for containers or hanging baskets, producing an abundance of small, super-sweet cherry tomatoes that are great for salads or eating straight off the plant.

Tomato – Tumbling Tom Information

  • Your plants will arrive sown in 65mm plugs and will be approximately 10-20cm tall. Sales end 23rd June.

  • Number of vegetable plant plugs in the box: 1
  • Latin name for Tomato – Tumbling Tom: Solanum lycopersicum

Tomato – Tumbling Tom is perfect for containers or hanging baskets, producing an abundance of small, super-sweet cherry tomatoes. Their high sugar content makes them great for salads or eating straight off the plant. Tomato – Tumbling Tom doesn’t need support or removal of side shoots so it’s a great choice if you’re new to growing tomatoes. It’s naturally trailing vines look great tumbling over the side of a container or hanging basket. Baskets and containers tend to dry out much faster and hold fewer nutrients for these hungry plants. So make sure that you water hanging baskets daily, and give them a good feed each week. With enough water, you can expect a profusion of super-sweet mini tomatoes throughout the summer.

Diverse Variety: Our tomato plug plants cater to every gardener, offering a wide range of sizes and flavours to suit your culinary needs.

Organically Grown: While not certified organic, these plants are nurtured using eco-friendly methods, showing our commitment to a sustainable planet.

Transform your garden with our tomato plug plants – the ideal choice for flavour and eco-consciousness. Order now and savour the taste of homegrown tomatoes!

Tomatoes planting schedule

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Planning your site

Tomatoes are best grown in a greenhouse, polytunnel or conservatory as they love warmth and shelter. They will grow happily outside as long as you can try to give them a site which will be protected and receive plenty of sun. They are great in large pots, growbags and containers – there is really a tomato for every garden type! As a general rule, leave around 45cm around each plant.

Growing tips

The thing to remember is that they are hungry AND thirsty plants so you will need to keep watering very consisitent and feed them every two weeks with a high potasium feed once the fruits have appeared. Plants will need something to grow up whether inside or outside, so use a bamboo cane or some sturdy stringwrapped gently around the stem to provide support. You can pinch out the side shoots that grow diagonally between the main stem and main branches.

What to watch out for

Most tomato problems stem from erratic watering. Blight, Blossom End Rot, Tomato leaf mould and fungal issues which can enter through splits in fruit can usually be controlled by paying attention to soil moisture, ventilation and fertility.

What to do when your plants arrive

  1. Unpack them. Your seedlings will arrive carefully packed in bio-degradable straw, cardboard and paper. They may look a little bit bedraggled from their journey. Don’t panic – this is totally normal and they should soon perk up. Please try and unpack your plants as soon as they arrive, as every extra hour they spend in the box will add to the stress of travelling to their new home.
  2. Give them a drink. Having spent a day or two in the post, your new plants will be thirsty! Stand them up in some fresh water for a few minutes to make sure their roots have been thoroughly soaked before planting.
  3. Plant them out into their forever home! Your plants can’t wait to get their roots into the soil. Plant them out according to the instructions that will have come in the box with them. Make sure you water them in well, and give them plenty to drink until their roots have had a chance to get settled.


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